INSIDER TRUST® Methodology

An intense focus on value creation through bolstering of trust.
The INSIDER TRUST® methodology, created by former CIA senior executive Karl Wagner, leverages decades of experience in government and industry and recent scholarship on "the trust economy" to harness untapped value -- whether in technology investments or in human capital.

The INSIDER TRUST® methodology features an intense focus on value creation through bolstering of trust within existing portfolio companies and advisory relationships, as well as trust-by-design incorporated as a key facet of newly formed companies and start-ups.

Blending the latest Environment Social & Governance (ESG) principles, on the one hand, with enlightened and pro-active, human-centric security practices, on the other, the INSIDER TRUST® methodology can take your company to new levels.

Karl Wagner is Founder of NTN Holdings, a social impact investment fund that is “Nurturing Tomorrow Now” through investments that promote resilience at the individual, enterprise, national, and global levels.

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