Human-Centric Approach to Enterprise Resilience.

by the creator of the INSIDER TRUST® methodology and The Approachable ABE Seminar.

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High Corporate Cost of Stress

In an increasingly demanding world, learning how to identify, manage and minimize stress is indispensable to navigating difficult life situations.  Whether your organization works in government, business, international development, non-profit, or start-up spaces, learning how to manage complex bureaucracies, emotional turmoil and the unexpected is critical.

Responsible Leadership recognizes that modern stressors may tax even the best-adjusted employee.

There is significant evidence that links stress to physical and mental well-being, productivity, and organizational performance. Stressful and tense relationships in the workplace are detrimental to trust and sap enthusiasm, creativity, and productivity. They may also lead to security issues.

Informed by the last researches, our Stress, Trauma, And Resiliency Training (The START Method®) tailors coping mechanisms to the needs of each of our clients, helping manage potentially harmful personal behaviors with organizational and individual coping strategies that can improve employee welfare, morale, and productivity.

Why This Matters

As a corporate leader in your field, you are concerned with the well-being and long-term effectiveness of your people.  You may be responsible for managing corporate risk issues such as Insider Threat, workplace violence, or Active Shooter scenarios.  You might also be responsible for corporate cultural initiatives to improve employee engagement and retention rates.

You may have implemented measures to track a spectrum of extrinsic indicators related to priorities such as productivity, engagement, corporate security, or the protection of critical assets.

Against this context of ever-increasing technical monitoring in the workplace, The START Method® approach offers your personnel the tools to self-monitor potentially negative behaviors… and to self-correct.

Our Approach

Our tailored training and employee engagement practices enhance enterprise and personal resilience by emphasizing a human-centric approach to security. 

The START Method® resilience workshops we deliver help your people develop their collective and individual resilience levels. 

Course components include elements such as:

  • self-awareness training,

  • stress & coping techniques,

  • mutual accountability and support mechanisms,

  • the importance of management buy-in,

  • value to the enterprise, and

  • the INSIDER TRUST® methodology 

  • and the Approachable ABE™ Seminar created by the founder of The START Method®, Karl Wagner.

Our resilience framework can also be expanded into enterprise-wide learning approaches and practices that can enhance levels of trust for everyone in your organization.


For Corporate Security & Insider Threat Teams

Provide those at-risk individuals with the tools to resolve the personal issues that might later lead them to become an insider threat - providing an “off-ramp” from the insider threat critical pathway long before your corporate monitoring mechanisms would have been able to flag alerting behaviors or activities.

For HR & Employee Wellness Teams

Develop your human capital through our proprietary INSIDER TRUST® methodology, fulfilling your duty of care toward staff working under stressful conditions, augmenting retention and engagement initiatives, and instilling a culture that values physical, emotional, and mental health.

For Legal & Compliance Team

Help find the right balance between the company’s prerogative for transparency into what your employees do at work and the individual employee’s right to reasonable privacy.

For Risk Managers

Enable employees to identify and moderate excessively risky behaviors to avoid unplanned exposure to financial or operational risk.

For Senior Leadership

Improve the effectiveness of your company’s engagement, well-being, corporate security, and insider threat programs in one fell swoop, while also benefiting workforce productivity and a healthy, resilient workplace culture.

Why Us

Our training and mentoring approach is borne from decades of real-world experience with positive and negative coping mechanisms exhibited in some of the most stressful work environments and situations while in US government service and private industry work across the globe.

We have learned a great deal about post-traumatic stress acquired from working under taxing, relentless wartime and operational tempos, and about their real effects on the human brain.  The START Method® has been tested in these most dire of circumstances.

The START Method® is proprietary to NTN Holdings, a US-based firm that specializes in international investment, infrastructure development, and resilience-related project management services. Our global risk consultancy helps private sector companies deal with complex competitive threats and strengthen their resilience to adversity.